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Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage & Consulting

When you work with us, you partner directly with key employees and company principals.

It all began in May of 1983 when our founder, Robert H. (Bob) Sanders, had a vision. At the time he worked for the Seibels Bruce Group, one of South Carolina’s insurance groups, founded in 1869. Bob started in personal lines and over the course of almost two decades, worked his way up to Vice President and Manager of the company, which included work with managing general agents and reinsurance of insurance companies.

While working with clients of all sizes and stripes, he envisioned an innovative, client-focused reinsurance intermediary, small enough to respond quickly yet large enough to respond effectively. With a handful of fellow employees who shared his courage and convictions, he eventually partnered with a like-minded Georgia company – Associated Intermediaries, Inc.

In 1988, desiring greater autonomy and determined to remain in our home town of Columbia, AII-SC and Midland Financial Group purchased our company from the Atlanta parent. Thus was born Preferred Reinsurance Intermediaries. PRI and Midland maintained a close and cordial working relationship until the latter sought outside financing through an Initial Public Offering. During the due diligence process, Midland was advised to obtain full ownership control of PRI.

Once again, determined to remain manageable, focused and client friendly, PRI employees purchased Midland’s shares in 1993. Since that milestone, Preferred Reinsurance Intermediaries has been – and will continue to be – 100% employee owned.

We trade with highly rated domestic insurance carriers as well as with Lloyds, European Union, Bermudian and other financially sound non-U.S. markets. In addition to our Columbia, South Carolina Home Office, Preferred has marketing offices in New York, Illinois and New Jersey.

Since we are exclusively employee-owned, we have a personal stake in our company’s operation and results. This total independence allows us to focus exclusively on our clients. We do not have interference from “Big Broker” parents. Nor potential conflicts of interest between ourselves and our clients resulting from public ownership.

When you work with us, you partner directly with key employees and company principals. We do not delegate clients to a “junior team.” As an independent, we have the freedom to treat each opportunity on its own merits. Every client is important to us.




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