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Reinsurance 101
Helping you understand terms and reinsurance language.

This glossary is used by Preferred Reinsurance Intermediaries, Inc., 14 Monckton Blvd., Columbia, South Carolina 29206 with permission of its copyright owner, Robert W. Strain of STRAINPUBLISHINGINC.com, PO Box 1520, Athens, Texas 75751. This glossary is a combination of 357 terms prepared specifically for Reinsurance Contract Wording in 1992 (designated as +) and the terms appearing in the 1980 text, Reinsurance, revised in 1997 (available in Spanish as of 2001). While there are differences of opinion among authorities concerning the nuances and subtleties of many words herein (as will be the case in the formation of any dictionary of technical terms), the Editor of these books believes the definitions are representative of current practices and accordingly he accepts responsibility for any errors created in the compilation and hopes the definitions will nevertheless be helpful. Words set in NONBOLD CAPS are defined elsewhere in the Glossary.

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