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Reinsurance and/or Fronting Paper for Alternative Risk Entities

Reinsurance is one of the most critical decisions many captive owners will ever make. It is an important component not only in the development process of a captive, but also throughout the evolution of its operations. Management must consider:

  • If reinsurance is needed
  • What type of reinsurance is most appropriate
  • What level of reinsurance is required to properly protect the captive’s surplus while still retaining profit
  • How to purchase reinsurance

Preferred Reinsurance Intermediaries provides the same reinsurance intermediary services for alternative risk entities which we provide for traditional insurance companies.

  • Reinsurance program design and structure
  • Proposal preparation
  • Marketing and placement
  • Contract language
  • Reinsurance accounting and claims facilitation

In addition, since many captive owners require fronting paper – a licensed, often “A” rated insurance company to “front” for their policies - we have established relationships with carriers that provide this service. Consequently, we can assist in the selection process and help negotiate terms of the fronting relationship.


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